Amanda StaplesNMLS #: 2182270


Meet Amanda

Amanda is currently a Wholesale Correspondent Officer. As a front-line employee, she has delivered empathy, support, and integrity for over 14 years. Transitioning into real-estate, She has kept her compassion for community. With expert services, she worked as an Outreach Specialist for low-to-moderate income communities. She also works with organizations that focus on the Military population and housing grants.Currently she is a wholesale correspondent lender specializing in over 100 top lending companies and multiple down-payment agencies. Using her background, she is also a Homes for Heroes Affiliate, specializing in programs for those serving the country on the frontlines, including military, police, teachers, medical, firefighters, etc. She is also proficient in services and programs available to low-to-moderate income, and non- Qualified Mortgage Solutions. 



Serving with Integrity, Honesty, and Expertise

Your questions will always receive direct and sincere responses. I'm not here to sell you a loan; instead, I'm here to educate you so you can make the greatest finance decision.

Offer Low Interest Rates & Closing Costs

As a broker of Merit Lending, I contract with large, national wholesale banks. They each offer Merit Lending low, wholesale rates each day. After receiving your application, I shop those wholesale banks, finding you the best rate with no lender fees.

Help Borrowers Overcome Obstacles

Many borrowers need help and guidance with their credit, income, or asset situation. I know how to structure loans to make things work, when others can't.